Getting ourselves energy wise can save us on our bills & our carbon footprint


Getting ourselves energy wise can save us on our bills & our carbon footprint on the planet

Australia is the world’s largest carbon emitter per capita and we need energy reform on our country’s households.

Australia needs to be more environmentally-minded, and not enough is being done at the top level through policy and greater consumer awareness to reduce our carbon footprint.

To really have an effect on our energy consumption both sides of politics need to agree and put in place legislation which will assist residents to use less energy and for it to be economically a viable option for homeowners to live in and for investors purchasing property for rental purposes to build wealth for their future security. As governments change it means there is no continuity to pursue the long-term goal to reduce our carbon footprint. Focus seems to be primarily on industry and commerce, when it should extend beyond this to residential property development, established home ownership and residential investment property.

Research by the Energy Supply Association of Australia indicates that Australia leads the world in household solar penetration. While about 15 per cent of dwellings in Australia have solar installed, research shows that it is only as effective as the way it is utilised. Up to half of energy generated by solar generation in homes is lost when it is used in properties with a lack of insulation, single-glazed windows and through cavities. If the 10 million homes in Australia were rendered 5% – 10% more efficient the household power bills and our carbon footprint would be reduced.

If we build our homes more efficiently to keep them cooler in summer and warmer in winter without the assistance or usage of additional energy a significant financial saving can be made to the householder. Much can also be done to improve the energy efficiency of older homes as well and more education needs to be filtered through to the general public to assist with transition to more efficient usage of our resources.

As a large number of Australians are currently buying property off the plan, they may not have access to knowledge about the property’s energy efficiency. Similarly, those who own or are purchasing more recently built homes may be able to access this rating through their local council or property lawyer and enquiries can be made in this regard during the purchase process or once settlement has been effected.

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